About Us

A.D. Sone Publishing Inc. / The Print Zone is a private enterprise operating in Kingston, Ontario, Canada since 1993. Our focus is producing effective print communication and marketing materials while maintaining long term personal client relationships. We firmly believe that interactive communication with our clients is the key to understanding their goals and objectives to better serve their needs.

As an independent Distributor for NewPointMedia Group, LLC., A.D. Sone Publishing Inc. operates the publication "The Real Estate Book" of Kingston and Greater Area. Independent Distributors are the operators of their books. They offer advertising opportunities; help advertisers design ads and write ad copy; photograph homes; submit the materials for production and online exposure; and, finally, they distribute The Real Estate Book in their market. NewPointMedia Group’s internal, state-of-the-art equipment and technology ensures consistent, quality color and streamlines the production of every book published. The Mission of The Real Estate Book is to create targeted media solutions that generate real results and business for our clients.  Combining print, web, mobile, social, direct mail, and email into fully integrated and customized plans to deliver the highest return on investment to our clients.

The Real Estate Book in Print & Online

The Real Estate Book as a company has embraced technology and the Internet. It’s the way our business is conducted today and we are comfortable being able to service our clients regardless of the degree of technical proficiency. We have moved to accepting ads completely by e mail or through our Advertising Management System (AMS). This has created a most pleasurable advertising experience for our clients and we urge all of our clients to use the resources of our ad submission system to submit electronic ads. You are in control of your advertising; you will also receive an ad proof via e-mail for you to ensure everything is correct. We aim to be error free.

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Phone:   613-634-2129
Fax:   613-634-2130
Email:   ads@kingstonbusiness.com